Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs are the tasks that you do every day, such as get dressed, eat food, brush your hair, brush your teeth, clean your house, play with toys, go to work, go to school, etc. Average people take these activities for granted because they are able to do them easily and automatically. A person with a disability may find it difficult to do some of these activities. Sunshine School along with the term Occupational Therapists work with the core problems that are keeping someone from doing these activities, and work on ways to make these activities easier for the client to perform.

ADLs include:
* Dressing
* Feeding
* Grooming
* Hygiene
* Toileting
* Home skills
* School skills
* Work hardening




A school for differently abled children.
The sunshine school strives to educate students on the autism spectrum who possess a wide range of abilities .